UPDATE: Arizona Senate Continuing Investigation

Dr. Lyle Rapatcki from Arizona Today, Prescott eNews, interviews Arizona Senator Sonny Borrelli about the new developments in the Senate investigation of the Maricopa County voting machines and ballots.

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20 thoughts on “UPDATE: Arizona Senate Continuing Investigation”

  1. I disagree that the intent is only to see how to correct issues. It is to find those who perpetrated fraud, if it occurred and stamp the election as fraudulent. If fraud is determined to have happened, then a crime has been done to the citizens of Arizona. They don’t need promises of no fraud in the future, they need redress. It did not just affect Arizona citizens, it affected ALL citizens.

    1. Absolutely agreed! How the Election officials are not in jail is beyond comprehension! They have been issued a duly executed subpoena and are in contempt as of right now! The machines and ballots must be taken into custody and examined without delay. And if those machines have been altered, tampered with, erased or made incapable of being audited, the entire board should be brought up under Title 18, section 241 and 242 for violation of our civil rights under the color of law!

  2. Today is January 15th and Arizona Senate’s backbone is the only good news I have found regarding truth in America right now. Keep your eye on the ball Arizona patriots!

  3. Thank you Lyle Rapacki for your honesty and pushing forward in this investigation. Thank all Arizona legislators also. And I hope other state legislators follow suit.

  4. Thank you Lyle Rapacki for your honesty and pushing forward in this investigation. Thank all Arizona legislators also. And I hope other state legislators follow suit.

  5. Although I don’t live in Arizona, I commend Lyle and the Arizona legislators for continuing to fight for free and fair elections. I write this because in trying to keep up with where and what is being done in a real investigation of what many have sought it has become more and more difficult because no one in the media reports anything real. I think most people would agree that people in congress are in it for their own political and financial gain. Lyle I watched your video from a couple of days ago and I can’t thank you enough for the work you are doing. Not that I am just hoping for proof of fraud, but that someone is fighting for the people throughout this country and just want to know one way or the other. Now that I know of this website I will be watching for updates in the days to come.

  6. Great job Dr Lyle! The fact that this has even gone this far with no clear and defined investigation is absolutely abhorrent. The only good thing that has come out of all this is that the massive and shocking extent of corruption on both sides has been exposed and MUST be cleaned up. Thank you Lyle for continuing to stand strong for our republic!

  7. I cannot tell you how absolutely disappointed I am to hear that
    “in the future “we’ll fix this.
    The LEFT played the delay card yet again!

    NOW a FAUX President is to be installed on Wednesday, when AZ Legislators will be in court to ‘check’ if fraud took place. Over 80 million ‘ALIVE’ Americans voted for Trump.
    TRUTH must be revealed &
    JUSTICE served – NOW!!!

  8. Where can we find updated information about the hearings / outcomes with regard to the investigation of the voting machines and ballots?

  9. This was apparently a fraudent election. In 17 states, but especially in the 6 states where dems could cheat enough to give Biden the win. Fake voters, dead voters, double voters, out of state, illegal alien, they even took the overseas military mail in ballots. And only 1 court allowed the machines & ballots to be checked – in Michigan where they found a 68% error. It looks like the dam is finally going to crack in the desert. God is a God of Justice!

  10. Thank you for for pursuing the election stuff. Good luck with the audit. How can I order your book?

  11. Why isn’t a search warrant being issued for the election evidence? This is not a trivial civil matter. This is a criminal matter of great significance. Doesn’t the evidence of probable cause trigger a chargeable or indictable action? If law enforcement fails to perform their duties, is the imposition of a citizen’s arrest justifiable? I would sure like to see some steam coming out of the boiler on this national issue.

  12. GOD Bless You !!!🙏 Thank You so Very much for fighting the Good fight of our vote matters……against such evil forces. Praying for you all daily !🙏

  13. Dr Lyle: Thank you for sharing this information I found it on You tube. Your words regarding the elections in your state and 16 others states touched me deeply. You voiced what I have been trying to put into words and how much it hurt to have lost our nation to other nations with the aid of the media, democrats as well as republicans. Our president stood alone without any type of justice or relief as required and demanded by the US constitutution. Those holding the title of honorable seem to have forgotten or purposefully disregarded the constitution which they swore to defend and protect. How Unamerican, how can they forget that their first priority is to serve us the American public. Perhaps they have made a carreer of politics and can no longer see the importance of our vote, which simply is our voice. They tried to silence us, without being accountable, us their employees. Thank you, thank you.

  14. Robert Anderson

    Very enlightning…The voting in Florida was not as confusing as it appears in Arizona. Looking forward to updates!

  15. God be with you all in your fight to find the truth about our elections. Please don’t give in to the pressure you will get . Job did not have it easy. But he didn’t give in. When God is for you !! No one can stand against you ! Yes they will try. You will win !!!! Great Americans never had it easy. Their is way too much trash in Government and America that needs taken out.
    If they do not like our Constitution then they should not stand in front of America and take an oath to support and defend it!!!! GET OUT !!!! No one will stop them. I will gladly say goodbye to all those trators !!!!!!!!!!

  16. We simply seek the truth and justice for any wrong doing. The odds of the irregularities and errors being coincidence is almost statically impossible. We need the truth & the justice to move forward from this paralyzed state we are in. Thank you so mucj Lyle, may God bless you & your family richly for your efforts.

  17. I can’t wait to hear the truth and I believe there was fraud or cheating in the election from what I witnessed watching the electoral college online. I firmly believe in an honest and fair election because it’s what this country was founded on and to abide by the Constitution which some elected officials have not gone by.

  18. Why is it that across the country, everyone who investigates the election gets death threats. How much do you want to bet Sen. Paul Boyer changed his mind for the same reason.
    There’s something big going on, and the corruption so deep. If you try to pull back the curtain you’re threatened, smeared, canceled, and ruined. And the government does nothing to stop it…Democrat, or Republican.
    When somebody tells you they have nothing to hide, and then fights to the death to keep you from seeing it….you have your answer. Nobody guards and empty room.
    The best friend to a lie is darkness, whereas truth loves the light, and lives in a glass house.

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