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May 21, 2024 5:47 AM

Bradshaw Mountain High School Student Council to Serve as Youth Advisory Committee to Prescott Valley Town Council

During the Town Council meeting held last night, an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) was approved between the Humboldt Unified School District (HUSD) and the Town, enabling the elected Student Council from Bradshaw Mountain High School to serve as a youth advisory committee to the Town Council.
Rather than establishing a separate youth advisory commission, the Town will work closely with the elected student leaders to provide advice, guidance, and direction on all things youth related. This innovative partnership will allow the young leaders of Prescott Valley to have an active voice in shaping the future of their community.
The Town Council has been exploring ways to increase youth participation in the community, including comments and input about Town services and programs. The partnership with the Bradshaw Mountain High School Student Council is a significant step towards achieving this goal.
Under the partnership, the student council will serve as an advisory committee to the Town Council, providing input on Town services, activities, and programs from a student point of view. The Town and HUSD will provide meeting space and administrative support for the student council when they meet as a Town advisory committee.
The partnership is the result of collaboration between the Town and HUSD, and it demonstrates a commitment to working together to create a better future for the youth in Prescott Valley.
The Town is excited about the future of this partnership and looks forward to continued collaboration with the Bradshaw Mountain High School Student Council.

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