April 13, 2024 5:27 AM

City of Prescott to Conduct Two-Day Prescribed Pile Burn Operation Feb. 29 through March 1

The City of Prescott will be conducting a two-day prescribed burn of small slash piles in the Mission Hills area between Wednesday and Friday, February 28-March 1.  The city-owned property lies between Douglas Avenue and Pulliam Drive, just east of Willow Creek Road.

The City’s Forestry Crew has been removing overgrown vegetation from the site recently in an effort to protect critical infrastructure which includes water tanks, cell phone towers, and public safety radio communications towers from wildfire.  These improvements also help protect homes in the area by reducing the vegetation that could act as fuel load in case of a wildland fire.  Personnel will burn small slash piles which they were unable to safely remove due to the steep terrain and limited access.  Control lines have already been established, and hose lines will be placed in support of the pile burn through completion.

Personnel will be on site throughout the operation as well as conducting overnight monitoring.  Smoke may be visible from many locations in Prescott and drivers on Willow Creek Road should drive with caution.  The actual timing of the burns will be dependent on weather and other factors. Please contact Conrad Jackson, Wildfire Risk Manager at 928-777-1700, ext. 7065.


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