June 14, 2024 8:22 pm

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Scam Alert – Text Messages – Prescott Police Department

Your Prescott Police Department would like to warn you of a new trending scam that has hit our community.

If you receive a text message stating something along the lines of…

“Hi there. I have your phone number in my cell phone, but I don’t have your name attached to it. I think you might be an old friend of mine and I wanted to reach out. Can you tell me your name?”… do not respond!

This is simply a ploy for them to get your full name, and in doing so they now have your full name and phone number which can be used to easily dig up other information connected to you. All information could be used to scam your accounts or steal your identity.

Please be vigilant with your information. Some helpful tips are: never clink any links in your text messages or emails, never confirm any information such as social security numbers or bank account numbers over the phone, never pay for anything with gift cards of any kind. Simply delete the text or hang up the phone if you think it is a scam.

Be smart! Be safe!


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