March 2, 2024 7:05 PM

Two Systems of Justice: Rep. Paul Gosar’s Statement on the Indictment of Donald Trump

U.S. Representative Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-09) issued the following statement after reviewing the indictment of President Donald Trump by his political enemies:

“We have now firmly settled into third-world political status.  Across the globe, for decades, leaders of poorly run and corrupt nations would seek to imprison their political opposition.  Mao, Stalin, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Hitler and Castro quickly come to mind.  This used to be considered a human rights violation in America.

Now, we have sunk to that level of corruption.  President Trump has been persecuted because of his politics and policies.  Government officials who have technically violated a statute, including Hilary Clinton and Joe Biden, have never been indicted.  The Leftists at the corrupt Department of Justice have weaponized their agency to hunt conservatives, Christians and Republicans.

The timing of this indictment is suspicious and comes just as further proof of the Biden Syndicate accepting bribes from Ukraine came to light.  Rest assured we will pursue this Ukraine-Biden corruption no matter what they do to President Trump.

The American people have lost faith in the fairness of the justice system.  Count the courts, the FBI and the DoJ as more victims of the Left’s efforts to destroy our once great institutions.  When the people lose faith in their institutions the government will lose the support of its people.

I wish President Trump well and I pray he gets some fairness but I have little expectation of that,” concluded Congressman Gosar.


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