April 15, 2024 9:01 PM

8 Stylish Promotional Items to Impress Clients and Customers

When you want to impress clients, running a promotional marketing gift campaign is a no-brainer. To make them see how much you appreciate them, you want to give them a gift that’s stylish and hip. If you’re looking to achieve this effect, here are eight stylish promotional items to impress clients and customers:

1. Sunglasses

No matter how many years go by, sunglasses maintain their cool status. If you’re looking to provide your clients with promo gifts that are sure to scream style, you need to seriously consider the bang you’ll get from sunglasses. Designing a one-design-fits-all pair of sunglasses (with your brand slapped on them) is easy given the consistency of sunglasses-related fashion trends. All you have to do is give them out as aggressively as humanly possible to get your brand out there fast.

2. Tote Bags

Being able to go about your day conveniently does not have to look dorky. You can look incredibly stylish while doing so if you have a cool-looking tote bag by your side. Tote bags can be printed in bulk for cheap, and are easy to design in an eye-catching fashion (while including your company’s brand within that design). If you want to give out a promo gift that can actually contain your normal products as well, then going with tote bags for your next promotional marketing campaign is highly recommended.

3. Succulents

Having house and office plants is more fashionable than ever. This practice is also fantastic for your mental health, and can add a ton of extra oxygen to your direct environment as well. That being said, many people fail to use plants as a tool in promotional marketing campaigns. Succulents are perfect as gifts, as they are incredibly easy to keep alive, and look absolutely stunning. Clients can feel assured that they’ll be solid first-time plant parents when they’re receiving their succulent for this very reason.

4. Umbrellas

If you’re doing business in an incredibly rainy area, you’ll want to consider the value umbrellas can bring to your next promotional marketing campaign. There are plenty of unique umbrella designs you can look through before putting in a bulk order as well. The more time you put into crafting your umbrella design, the more likely your clients are to use them, after all. If you’re doing business in a hyper-rainy location, however, your client will simply be happy to get an extra umbrella for free.

5. Beanies

A quality beanie can do a ton for expanding the style of a client’s wardrobe. In 2022, beanies continued to become more trendy, and this trend’s momentum shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. For this reason, companies that love to give out wearable promo merch have been paying much more attention to deals on bulk orders of beanies. Throw your brand on a beanie in an attractive fashion, and you can easily unlock the “walking billboard” effect that many promo marketing campaigns strive for.

6. Koozies

If you want to drink and relax in style, you’ll need a fun, cool-looking koozie. Especially if you prefer ice-cold brews when hosting friends and family, you’ll need a koozie to drink comfortably. Give your customers the gift of a quality koozie, and they will see you as one of the fun companies that they love to do business with again, and again, and again. Just make sure you always drink responsibly!

7. Drinking Glass

Speaking of drinking, branded drinking glasses are another high-quality promotional item your company should be considering. Drinking glass collections are all the rage in 2022, and the trend is almost certain to continue into 2023 (and beyond). You can give out any excess drinking glasses from your campaign to your employees to help boost company morale and brand awareness as well.

8. Hats

Lastly, hats remain one of the most fashionable accessories a person can wear. If you manage to merge your brand with a quality hat design, you’ll have the best chance at creating the “walking billboard” effect imaginable. Just make sure you pay close attention to the style and fit of what you’re offering, to ensure they are truly stylish.

Run Your Promo Campaigns in Style

If you put in the right amount of effort, you can easily run your next promotional campaign in style. There are so many stylish items you can be giving away, and the eight items on this list are especially useful for making your customers realize how cool and caring your company truly is.


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