June 14, 2024 8:38 pm

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Opinion: Julie Powell and White Self-Hatred – Gregory Hood

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The worst thing our rulers do to our people is teach them to hate themselves. Public schools teach white children there is something inherently wrong with them. The sin of racism cannot be removed. That “education” is life-long. Whites’ evil is a common theme in films, documentaries, songs, and video games. A white person in this country cannot express pride in his race without taking socialfinancial, and sometimes even physical risks.

It’s not surprising that some whites are psychologically broken by this. They celebrate their own dispossession, even their own deaths. Perhaps they think they will be rewarded in the Third-World future. Perhaps they hate their racial kinsmen for personal reasons. Perhaps they don’t consider themselves white. Whatever the case, we must believe they are sincere. It’s what they are taught.

The results is that even normal, mainstream, nice white people say shocking things about whites. One was the late Julie Powell. In 2002, she decided to make every dish in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. She wrote a blog about it. Salon, now a consistently anti-white websitehosted it.

The blog became so popular it became the basis for the successful film Julie & Julia, a joint biopic of Julie Powell and Julia Child. Critics praised the film, and it was nominated for several awards. Amy Adams played Julie Powell.

YouTube video

The film tells the story of a woman who broke away from an unfulfilling job and reconnected with an important part of European culture. Finding inspiration from our past can lead to higher forms of self-expression, happiness, and creativity.

French President Emmanuel Macron was once accused of saying that there was no such thing as French culture. What he really said was that “there is no such thing as a single French culture” and that there is “culture in France and it is diverse and multiple.” That’s arguably worse, because it reduces France to just a spot of earth, where different groups have “culture.” White advocates know that the French people have a culture, part of a greater European culture, and one noble part of it is their cuisine.

I don’t think Powell would agree with this.

I’m not terribly bothered by this but only because I’m used to it. We’re all used to it. We shouldn’t be. It’s part of the evil that we’re immersed in.

She was not banned of course. She didn’t even lose her verified checkmark, the Twitter seal of approval. Calling for the death of whites carries no social consequences. Just try substituting “Jews,” or “blacks.” If you can still believe in “white privilege,” you’re more creative than I am.

There’s something deeper here at work than scorn against whites. It’s the rot of egalitarianism. Egalitarianism isn’t a noble idea that has bad consequences. It’s a sick idea. Difference, hierarchy, and accomplishment are what justify striving — they justify life. There is greatness because there is inequality.

That applies to cooking. Why bother to learn French cooking? Because it’s better than slop from a gas station.

Humans are equal in only one way: We all die. That’s why we shouldn’t mock the dead. It’s our one bond.

The late Powell evidently didn’t agree. She tweeted this on the day Rush Limbaugh died.

Powell also thought it was good when “anti-vaxxers/maskers” died from COVID-19 and was sad that Justice Brett Kavanaugh recovered.

Even normal Republicans posed a dire threat to her mental health.

Powell reportedly died of cardiac arrest at the relatively young age of 49. Heart problems in younger people seem to be increasingly common. Despite being “vaccinated” and “boosted,” she also got COVID-19. Obviously, there are some people suggesting that her death came from the vaccines while others claim COVID-19 did it, but she may have died from disease. Her last tweet on her still-active account was about a strange symptom.

Powell’s last book was called Cleaving: A Story of Marriage, Meat and ObsessionNPR reported in its obituary that “[n the book] Powell revealed she had an affair, the pain of loving two men at once, of her fondness for sadomasochism and even a bout of self-punishing sex with a stranger.” Why did she want readers to know about this? Perhaps because narcissism, self-pity, self-righteousness, and racial shame seem to be the default personality of the modern white liberal.

Egalitarianism is a death cult. It’s not even a heroic one that celebrates a meaningful death, like the Christian martyrs or the Nationalist Spanish in the civil war who cried “Viva la Muerte.” Egalitarianism’s death cult is joy when others are torn down. Death comes for everyone, no matter how many boosters you take or how much better you think you are than Trump supporters. She would have celebrated my death, but I do not celebrate hers.

Instead, I pity a woman, who, though successful, was also broken. I am angry at the people who made her that way. If her shade is present in some form, I hope she knows that the white race isn’t going anywhere except to the stars. If you treasure anything produced by Western Civilization, you must be willing to defend the race that made it. Otherwise, you have no past, no future, and no legacy but the coldness of the grave and a Twitter account filled with spite. Our people and culture will live on – and that includes French cooking.

Julie Powell, RIP.


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