February 20, 2024 9:39 AM



Opinion: ‘We the People,’ but Who Exactly? – Inside Sources

The idea of rule by “the people” is at the core of America’s founding, but from the beginning, there was a relatively narrow understanding of who “the people” were. Although the days of landowning White males monopolizing political power ended generations ago, the limitation of the franchise has not. In fact, a broken primary system


Goodbye Suns, hello Indoor Football League: Prescott Valley lands new team

Prescott area residents have something to cheer for, again. Indoor Football League supporters sat several feet apart from one another inside Findlay Toyota Center Tuesday afternoon, watching the introductory press conference for Prescott Valley’s newest arena football team. “This has been a challenging year,” said Shane Cadwell, general manager of Findlay Toyota Center. “Given the

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