February 20, 2024 10:55 PM

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Haitian sugar cane workers in the Dominican Republic suffer amid U.S. embargo on Central Romana – Cronkite News

Photo: A woman hangs laundry to dry in a worker settlement, known as a batey, owned by Central Romana. The corporation owns hundreds of settlements throughout their plantations, many of which are dilapidated without running water, electricity or adequate housing for the worker population. (Photo by John Leos/Cronkite Borderlands Project) Multiple workers reported that agents


Dominican Republic expels, mistreats Haitians, activists say

Bien-Aimé St. Clair frowned as the stream of older Haitian migrants pushed past him. Accused of living in the Dominican Republic illegally, they knew they had no choice but to go back across the border to Haiti. But St. Clair, 18, hesitated. He shouted at an immigration agent. “Boss! Hey! I don’t know anyone there,”

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