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Opinion: Empires Strike Back? – Inside Sources

A new age of empires has begun, which isn’t based on the sovereignty of nations but between big continental blocs in competition with each other economically, technologically and militarily — according to one of Europe’s most seasoned politicians. Indeed, this global conflict has already begun in the view of Guy Verhofstadt, formerly Belgium’s prime minister

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Rules of Engagement

The term “Rules of Engagement” is generally considered a military expression, but certainly isn’t limited to the military. In the martial sense, it defines how and when our fighting men and women can pull the trigger, drop the bombs, or fire the torpedoes, when they come in contact with an enemy. In law enforcement the


Veterans Day – Three Viewpoints

Opinion: Veterans Day Is About Much More Than Shopping Robert L. Wilkie | InsideSources.com Veterans Day will no doubt be a day of discounts, sales and other attempts by retailers to make it easier for Americans with a day off to spend some of their time shopping. Giving veterans 20 percent off is one small way

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