Liberal Conspiracy Theories in Film

Much of liberal and black commentary on race is essentially conspiracy theorizing. Whites, acting as a cabal, find ways to twist the economy, the legal system, and public schools to hurt blacks badly, Hispanics to a lesser degree, but for some reason not Asians. All racial disparities are casued by coordinated white malice. This is shown in films that are worth watching for what they say about the extent of egalitarian conspiratorial paranoia. Here are five excellent examples.

Race War (2018)

Jared Taylor summarized this “documentary” as:

a dreary succession of blacks explaining that, yes, there is a race war, that it has been going on since the Founding, and that it is being run straight out of the White House. Donald Trump and his entourage are all unapologetic white supremacists who merely say out loud what other whites think. The movie claims that the media demonize blacks and it takes for granted an abiding hatred for blacks on the part of essentially all whites.

Zulu (2013)

Not to be confused with the 1964 film of the same name (which is also worth watching), this movie takes place in contemporary South Africa. Three policemen (two white, one black, all liberal) investigate a series of crimes that leads them to discover a secrete private militia. The members turns out to be racist Afrikaners hoping to exterminate blacks — and their machinations have been the secret cause of much of the country’s street crime.

Sum of All Fears (2002)

This generic Hollywood thriller’s villain is a Neo-Nazi who hopes to start a war between the US and Russia so that, out of the ruble, Europe will turn to fascism. The Nazis launch “false flag” terrorist attacks against the US to make Russia look like the culprit — but a handsome CIA analyst (Ben Affleck) figures out what’s going on and saves the world. Interestingly, this movie was based on a novel by Tom Clancy, but in the novel, there are no Nazis — the conniving terrorists are Palestinians and East Germans.

Gang in Blue (1997)

Directed by a black man, Gang in Blue is a glimpse into one of black America’s most paranoid myths: that police departments are secretly controlled by well-organized white racists.

The Boys from Brazil (1978)

This movie’s conspiracy is the wildest yet: Nazis in South America have implanted dozens of women with zygotes containing Adolf Hitler’s DNA, then sent the resulting “boy Hitlers” around the world so that one will eventually rise up and establish a Fourth Reich.

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