Congressman Paul Gosar Endorses David Livingston for State Treasurer

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar is endorsing State Senator David Livingston in his campaign for State Treasurer.

Gosar has represented Arizona in the U.S. Congress since his first election in 2010, while Livingston has served in the State Legislature since his first election in 2012.

Both have strong conservative records on issues ranging from border security to defending life and constitutional liberties, and fighting for lower taxes and greater individual freedom.

In endorsing Livingston, Congressman Gosar said “I am proud to support David Livingston to be our next State Treasurer.   This man doesn’t just talk, he is a conservative fighter and I’ve worked with David on many key battles to save our state and our country.  He has earned our vote for Treasurer.”

“I’m grateful for Paul’s support and endorsement.” said Livingston, adding “He is an America First fighter like me, at a time when too many politicians still aren’t willing to take strong stands on important issues.” For more information on Senator Livingston, please see Lyle Rapacki’s 3 part interview with him here, Part 1 , Part 2, and Part 3.

Gosar’s endorsement is added to an increasingly impressive list that includes State Senators David Gowan, J.D. Mesnard, Kelly Townsend, Warren Petersen, Sine Kerr and State Representatives Kevin Payne, Beverly Pingerelli, Judy Burges, and Quang Nguyen.

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