February 26, 2024 3:04 AM

Chaplains Comfort the Team at Watters Garden Center

The United States military knows the importance of caring for soldiers under pressure. In times of battle, medics care for the body; equally important are the Chaplains that care for each member’s mental and spiritual health. Pandemic produced fatigue wears down frontline workers in business in a similar way. What’s innovative is providing Chaplain services within the business community.

Watters Garden Center leads the ways to better employee health not just physically but also through men and women that serve as the company Chaplains to employees, their families, and vendors.

Watters Chaplain’s care for our staff, families, and relationships, allowing us to shine with confidence. During normal working hours, weekly visits build a rapport of confidence. When a team member needs help figuring out life challenges, a chaplain helps talk things through.

A specially designed chaplain app, emails, calls, and personal visits allow spiritual, mental, and physical access to staff members when unexpected life happens. Hospitalized spouses, suicidal children, parents in nursing homes, funerals, even weddings are just a few ways Watters Chaplains assist employee’s personal lives.

“This is an innovative way to care for our team between H.R. and health care. We recruit new chaplains through Market Place Chaplains USA,” says Ken Lain, owner. “Because the paperwork and time commitments are so low, it’s a great side job for pastors, active laypeople, clergy, even past military chaplains are making a difference. If you have a heart for people, you should apply.”

Watters Garden Center is now hiring two additional chaplains, preferably one caring man and woman each.

Watters Job Description and Link to apply


Marketplace Chaplain link to apply as Watters Chaplain this spring.


Watters Garden Center is a locally owned and operated garden center that specializes in providing avid gardeners and novices alike with the expertise and products to get things growing in the mountains of Arizona.

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