Dealing with mental health crisis one Zoom call at a time

The sergeant had so little use for the tablet that she did not bother to grab it from the seat of her squad car when she ran into the house where a suicidal man was screaming and slamming his head against the floor. But when she saw the man might harm himself, his family or


WRRC 2021 Virtual Annual Conference – Tribal Water Resilience in a Changing Environment

As drought, extreme heat, and wildfires plague the West, the ability of our communities to withstand and/or adapt to water stresses—their water resilience—is in question. The water practices and perspectives of Arizona’s Native Nations provide insights into developing pathways toward a more sustainable and resilient future. Tribal Water Resilience in a Changing Environment, the focus


Arizona Aviation Day

Arizona Airports Association (AzAA) is hosting a virtual Arizona Aviation Day with an opportunity to meet Arizona Legislators. Aviation day features a virtual event from 10:00 am to 11:3 0am on February 5, 2021. This event is an opportunity to discuss the importance of aviation in Arizona. The governor, legislators, and the State Transportation Board


Opinion – 2020 Was Difficult; It Was Not the Worst Year Ever

Humans don’t rule the world, it turns out. COVID-19 is too small to see, as President Trump pointed out. It has still killed more than 300,000 Americans in less than a year. It also ended the longest economic boom in American history and threw millions of people out of work. Millions of people who kept


From Zoom to Quibi, the tech winners and losers of 2020

We streamed, we Zoomed, we ordered groceries and houseplants online, we created virtual villages while navigating laptop shortages to work and learn from home. In many ways, 2020′s pandemic-induced isolation threw our dependence on technology into overdrive, snipping away at our real-life connections while bringing digital relationships to the fore. But for every life-changing Zoom,

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