Zany Sage

The Zany Sage

What’s Lurking Underneath Your Sink?

Let’s get right down to business and head into your kitchen. If that starts a panic attack, take a deep breath and put on some blinders because we’re just going to focus on one area today. Remember your “WHY” and imagine what your dream kitchen looks like. Another deep breath, my friend. Set a timer

The Zany Sage

A New Holiday Tradition

As a minimalist, the idea of some dude dropping off packages in my home is unsettling.  And the thought that “he knows when you’ve been sleeping, etc..” sounds stalkerish to me.  But you’ll hear no “bah humbug” coming out of my mouth because I love Christmas! But I love the day after Christmas, too.  No,

The Zany Sage

Uncluttering the Zany Way

[ Prescott eNews is proud to launch a new column this week – Unclutter Your Life with the Zany Sage .] How many towels do you need?  Does your schedule resemble a sardine can – every moment packed?  Are you 63 years old and pondering what you want to be when you grow up?  And how’s

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