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Governor Ducey: Arizona Border Barrier Mission Will Not Be Deterred

Undeterred by efforts from the Biden administration to reverse the progress of Arizona’s Border Barrier, Governor Doug Ducey today committed to moving forward with the mission. Friday, the state of Arizona filed a lawsuit seeking the courts to affirm the state’s right to defend itself. “Our border communities are overwhelmed by illegal activity as a result

Border Wall

Governor Ducey Tours Yuma Border Barrier

Governor Doug Ducey today celebrated the installation of shipping containers in gaps on Arizona’s southern border, saying they have helped bring additional safety and security to Yuma and other communities. “Last time I stood along the border here in Yuma, multiple migrants crossed the border into Arizona illegally — right in front of us,” the

Border Wall

Governor Ducey Announces Border Wall Gaps Near Yuma Are Now Filled

3,820 feet of previously open border closed with 130 shipping containers Governor Doug Ducey announced today 3,820 feet of previously open border near Yuma, Arizona is now closed with a barrier of double-stacked and secured shipping containers. “Following a historic investment in this year’s state budget, forged in partnership with legislative leaders, we’ve taken a

Border Wall

Governor Ducey Issues Executive Order To Fill Gaps in Border Wall

Innovative Barrier Mission Allocates Resources To Hard-Hit Yuma Governor Doug Ducey today issued an Executive Order directing the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs to immediately fill the gaps in the Yuma border wall. “Arizona has had enough,” said Governor Ducey. “We can’t wait any longer. The Biden administration’s lack of urgency on border


Governor Ducey Surges Public Safety Resources To Yuma Sector Southern Border

Governor Doug Ducey today announced a surge and repositioning of Arizona’s public safety resources to address the Biden Border Crisis in Yuma, Arizona. “It’s clear the Biden administration has created a December Disaster at our border,” said Governor Ducey. “As a result of piecemeal policy and a lack of federal involvement, U.S. Customs and Border


Laboring to remain healthy: COVID-19 takes toll on Arizona farmworkers

The workers swing their machetes, chopping vegetables under the heat of a midmorning sun. When the migrant workers take a moment to swipe sweat from their masked faces, they can see the wall along the Mexican border, not a half-mile distant. But before long, they turn their attention back to a rainbow colored field of

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