Yavapai County Preparedness Team

Oath Keepers

The Coming Civil War? Parts 1 & 2

The Oath Keepers of Yavapai County and the Yavapai County Preparedness Team warn of coming civil disorders. Regardless of how the presidential election is settled,  Jim Arroyo argues that the violent protests and looting  we have seen this year in major American cities are likely to continue or even spread.  This creates a risk to


Oath Keepers

As publisher of Prescott eNews,  I am pleased to welcome Jim Arroyo, and the Chino Valley Chapter of the Oath Keepers to our growing roster of videotaped podcasts. The Chino Valley group has been active since 2015, and is affiliated with the national Oath Keepers,  a patriot group of former law enforcement and military personnel who have

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