Xi Jinping


Opinion: Act 3 for China’s Xi Jinping – Inside Sources

Xi Jinping, the strongest, most enduring Chinese leader since Mao Zedong, opens possibly the pivotal act of his rule with his uncontested election to a third five-year term as general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, which controls just about everything in China. No, the government does not operate independently of the party. Top government


China Has Designs on Taiwan and Wants Us All To Know It

Former Veterans Affairs secretary and defense undersecretary Robert Wilkie has nailed what we should all know and not just suspect. “Xi Jinping is telling the West exactly what he wants to do to Taiwan, wrote Wilkie. “He has already wrecked Hong Kong’s democratic autonomy. He has threatened Australia, India, the Philippines, and Vietnam while militarizing the


Biden-Xi set virtual summit for Monday to discuss tensions

President Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping will hold their much-anticipated virtual summit on Monday evening as the two sides look to dial back tensions after a rough start to the U.S.-China relationship since Biden took office earlier this year. The White House is setting low expectations for the video call between the leaders. Biden

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