Windfall Elimination Provision

Social Security and You

The Windfall Elimination Provision – Social Security and You

A few weeks ago, I wrote a column about something called the “government pension offset.” It is a law that essentially says this: If you get a pension from a job that was not covered by Social Security, that pension will be treated just like a Social Security retirement pension and it will be used

Social Security and You

Social Security Rules for Federal Government Employees

I’ve commented before how surprised I am that a high percentage of emails I get come from the relatively small group of people in this country who don’t even pay into Social Security. Most of those questions come from retired or soon-to-be retired educators in those states where teachers have a separate retirement system other

Social Security and You

Explaining WEP and GPO

Let me start out by saying that I hope the editors of the various publications that print my column keep the terms “WEP” and “GPO” in the headline. Why? Because those abbreviations mean a lot to a certain group of my readers. I’ll explain what those abbreviations stand for in a minute. But first, who

Social Security and You

Carrying a Social Security Grudge for Years

I’m always amazed by the number of emails I get from people who have been getting benefits for 10 years, or 20 years, or even more — and now they are coming to me with questions about their benefit amount. Or to be more precise, they are telling me some version of this lament: “I

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