Whipple Street

Legal Beat

Unmarked Police Vehicle Rear Ended

On Tuesday December 29, 2020 at about 10:36 am, an unmarked Prescott Police Department Traffic Enforcement vehicle was involved in a two vehicle collision which resulted in significant injuries to the driver of the other vehicle.  The police vehicle was stopped for a red light on Whipple Street at Division Street heading eastbound when a


Two Vehicle Crash Sends Driver to Phoenix Hospital with Injuries

On Thursday August 13, 2020 at just before 1100 am, the Prescott Police Department responded to a report of a two vehicle injury crash in the area of Whipple Street and Ruth Street. Upon arrival officers began investigating a crash which occurred between two vehicles.  A vehicle driven by a seventy-six year old female resident


Political Vandalism Hits Prescott

Prescott has been hit by political vandalism.  Sometime between late Sunday night and early Monday morning, political signs on Whipple Street near downtown Prescott were defaced with graffiti and  knocked down by one or more unknown vandals.  In a year of unprecedented political unrest and civil disorder across the country, Prescott has not been spared. A City