The US leads the world in weather catastrophes. Here’s why – Associated Press

Photo: The bridge leading from Fort Myers to Pine Island, Fla., is heavily damaged in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, Oct. 1, 2022 The United States is Earth’s punching bag for nasty weather. Blame geography for the U.S. getting hit by stronger, costlier, more varied and frequent extreme weather than anywhere on the planet, several

City of Prescott

City Of Prescott Closures Due to Upcoming Winter Storm

The City of Prescott is bracing for a winter storm that is anticipated to impact our area for the next several days.  City offices, including Prescott Public Library will be closed on Wednesday, February 22 until at least 12 Noon, with the possibility of full closure for the day on Wednesday, February 22. Solid Waste collection will be completed if road conditions are suitable for our vehicles.


How To Plan A Golf Weekend Getaway

Planning a getaway can be stressful but more complex if you intend to play golf. You don’t want to make the mistake of not checking hidden costs or choosing the wrong time for it. If you fail to plan, you might end up having a weekend getaway full of disappointments. You can avoid these hassles

City of Prescott

Snow Plows in Prescott

Prescott’s Street Maintenance crews are working round the clock to monitor the road conditions and are ready for the onset of storms as they approach Monday evening and into Tuesday. It’s projected at this time, that the higher-level areas may receive up to 3 inches of snow fall and lower areas 2 inches as the


Winter Weather Terminology

[Editor’s Note: As of 11:30 pm Sunday night, we are in a Winter Weather Advisory, with 2-4 inches predicted for Prescott, and 0-1 inch for Prescott Valley.] If you are curious as to what the difference between a warning and a watch is or just want to know if you’re going to get some snow,


Badgers Offense Unstoppable in Two Night Contest 62-28: PHS Sports Roundup

Photo: 42 Maurea Norris scored three touchdowns for the Badgers in the win over Glendale The Prescott Badgers offense put on a show with a 62-28 win over Glendale, in what turned out to take two nights to finish due to the weather. The game started at Greenway High School but ended at Independence High

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