Ukraine Invasion

In Russia-Ukraine war, more disastrous path could lie ahead – Associated Press

Photo: Natali Sevriukova reacts next to her house following a rocket attack the city of Kyiv, Ukraine For Russia, it’s been a year of bold charges and bombardments, humiliating retreats and grinding sieges. Ukraine has countered with fierce resistance, surprising counteroffensives and unexpected hit-and-run strikes. Now, on the anniversary of Russia’s invasion that has killed

Ukraine Invasion

US to send $3.75B in military aid to Ukraine, its neighbors – Associated Press

Photo: National Security Council spokesman John Kirby speaks during a press briefing at the White House, Friday, Jan. 6, 2023 The U.S. will send $3.75 billion in military weapons and other aid to Ukraine and its neighbors on NATO’s eastern flank, the White House announced Friday, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine grinds on. The latest


Zelenskyy preparing to visit DC, after tour of war’s front – Associated Press

In this photo provided by the Ukrainian Presidential Press Office, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, right, speaks to soldiers at the site of the heaviest battles with the Russian invaders in Bakhmut, Ukraine Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is preparing to visit Washington on Wednesday, according to three AP sources, in his first known trip outside the

Ukraine Invasion

US sending $725 million more in military aid to Ukraine – Associated Press

Photo: Ukrainian servicemen place flowers on the grave of a recently killed fellow soldier in a cemetery during Ukraine Defenders Day in Kharkiv, Ukraine The Biden administration will send Ukraine a new $725 million package of weapons and other military assistance, the White House said Friday, as the U.S. added to a flurry of aid

Ukraine Invasion

Russia’s call-up splits EU; Ukraine says it shows weakness – Associated Press

Photo: Ukrainian servicemen help a comrade during an evacuation of injured soldiers participating in the counteroffensive, in a region near the retaken village of Shchurove, Ukraine Russia’s rush to mobilize hundreds of thousands of recruits to staunch stinging losses in Ukraine is a tacit acknowledgement that its “army is not able to fight,” Ukraine’s president

Rich Lowry

Opinion: Ukraine proves there’s no substitute for hard power – Rich Lowry

The ongoing Ukrainian counter-offensive, if successful, could reshape the war and the geopolitical contours of Europe. It is a testament to Ukrainian pluck and staying power but, above all, to the advanced weapons that the West has put in the hands of the Ukrainians. Soft power, the coinage of political scientist Joseph Nye for the

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