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Opinion: Woke, Weakness and War – Buz Williams

While discussing the volatile situation in Eastern Europe, my wife, Judi, predicted that it was inevitable that Russia would invade Ukraine. She said that Putin annexed Crimea when Obama was president and the only response was some anemic sanctions that the Russians learned to live with. Putin didn’t try it when Trump was president because


We Have No Dog in The Ukraine Fight – Rep. Paul Gosar

During a rare press conference appearance last week, Joe Biden came out of hiding and green-lighted a Russian invasion of Ukraine.  During the question-and-answer-session, Joe Biden created a full-blown international incident when, paraphrasing, he openly said he would be okay with Russia making a “minor incursion” into Ukraine. Russia continues to amass a military buildup along Ukraine’s eastern border, something it has done for years, but this time appears

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