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HOLY COW! HISTORY: Ready, Set, Surrender! History’s Shortest War – Inside Sources

Wars can drag on forever. History tells of the Hundred Years’ War, the Eighty Years’ War, and the Thirty Years’ War. The 2001-2014 Afghanistan War is considered America’s longest conflict. Yet sometimes, wars wrap up with surprising swiftness. Take history’s shortest war. How long do you think it lasted? A year? A month? A week?


From whistling arrows and trumpeting elephants to battle cries and eerie horns, ancient soldiers used sound to frighten and confuse their enemies

Three soldiers (far right) carry karnyxes, long horns with frightening boar-headed mouths that produce eerie calls during battle. Prisma/Universal Images Group via Getty Images Adrienne Mayor, Stanford University As if the tumultuous din of battle is not horrendous enough, over the ages humans have discovered plenty of ways to exploit sound in warfare. I found

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Opinion: Why are we Fighting Muslim Wars?

It should be conceded that the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists. With its long history of declaring war on infidels, it would seem that the Islamic claim that it is the religion of peace, is at the very least, questionable. On the other hand there are millions of Muslims who desire to live

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Opinion: A Debt That Can Never Be Repaid

Last Monday was Memorial Day and today is the 77th anniversary of D-Day. Those days should remind us of the sacrifice of those who have served this country in the military, and their family members who shared in that sacrifice. Every year on Memorial Day we honor those who gave their lives in all of our


Veterans Day – Three Viewpoints

Opinion: Veterans Day Is About Much More Than Shopping Robert L. Wilkie | Veterans Day will no doubt be a day of discounts, sales and other attempts by retailers to make it easier for Americans with a day off to spend some of their time shopping. Giving veterans 20 percent off is one small way

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