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“It is important, that the assembly which votes the taxes, either general or local, should be elected exclusively by those who pay something towards the taxes imposed. Those who pay no taxes, disposing by their votes of other people’s money, have every motive to be lavish and none to economize. “As far as money matters


Opinion: ‘We the People,’ but Who Exactly? – Inside Sources

The idea of rule by “the people” is at the core of America’s founding, but from the beginning, there was a relatively narrow understanding of who “the people” were. Although the days of landowning White males monopolizing political power ended generations ago, the limitation of the franchise has not. In fact, a broken primary system

Arizona State Legislature

Arizona House votes to delay controversial new election law

The Arizona House voted Monday to delay the effective date for legislation signed last month requiring voters to provide evidence of their citizenship, which has already prompted two lawsuits amid fears by voting-rights advocates that it could cancel the registrations of thousands of people. If approved by the Senate and Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, the