After four years of tumult, businesses hopeful for Biden trade policy

President Donald Trump entered office pledging to blow up trade deals, and he later imposed tariffs on trading partners around the world – but the biggest threat to Arizona-Mexico trade over the past four years appears to have been COVID-19. Despite four years of tumult, trade between Arizona and Mexico has been remarkably stable since


Donald Trump Fought the Establishment—and Won

Donald Trump won the presidency by challenging both the Republican and Democrat Party establishments. For too long, the political class of party leaders, paid consultants, lobbyists, donor-funded think tanks, and partisan media outlets ignored the concerns of millions of working- and middle-class American families. These families didn’t see themselves as Democrats or Republicans. They saw


Message from Congressman Paul Gosar

Paul Gosar goes over the issues we are facing today. Getting America Back to Work The Wuhan Coronavirus continues to burden our nation. While more than 30 million Americans are still collecting unemployment checks, May and June job reports showed that our economy is reopening. However, we still have a long way to go until

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