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Arizona State Parks Contribute To Booming Economy

From Slide Rock to Lost Dutchman to Catalina, Arizona’s state parks are second to none! Camping, hiking, boating, horseback riding — there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy the great outdoors at Arizona’s many state parks. But the role our parks play goes well beyond mountain trails and pristine lakes. According to recently released numbers,


Painstaking search for new planets begins on a mountaintop in Arizona

One of the most precise instruments for detecting planets is being used at the Kitt Peak National Observatory on the Tohono O’odham Nation west of Tucson. The NEID spectrometer looks for Earth-like planets outside our solar system by measuring slight changes in the light coming from distant stars. Those shifts are caused by the gravitational


Arizona professor will lead NASA project to locate menacing objects near Earth

NASA has appointed a University of Arizona professor to lead a project to track asteroids that potentially could crash into Earth. The mission involves launching a telescope into a high orbit to locate such near-Earth objects using the infrared radiation they emit. Amy Mainzer, a professor of planetary sciences, will lead a team building the


Community health workers improve birthweight of newborns through the Arizona Health Start Program, researchers find

Researchers from Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona found pregnant women and mothers who are treated by community health workers have lower rates of low birthweight and preterm newborns than their peers without those providers. The 10-year comprehensive study looked at women enrolled in Arizona’s Health Start Program, which employs community health workers (CHWs)


National Radio Host to Serve as Arizona Downs TV Host

Analysis, insights to be provided by racing veteran and industry newcomer The return of horse racing at Arizona Downs gets an added dose of excitement with longtime racing analyst Aaron Vercruysse agreeing to serve as paddock host during the 2021 summer race season. Vercruysse hosts the nationally syndicated “Post Time Radio” show and served as

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