We Have No Dog in The Ukraine Fight – Rep. Paul Gosar

During a rare press conference appearance last week, Joe Biden came out of hiding and green-lighted a Russian invasion of Ukraine.  During the question-and-answer-session, Joe Biden created a full-blown international incident when, paraphrasing, he openly said he would be okay with Russia making a “minor incursion” into Ukraine. Russia continues to amass a military buildup along Ukraine’s eastern border, something it has done for years, but this time appears

Foreign Policy

Biden’s big test: Proving he can rally allies against Putin

President Joe Biden’s effort to rally support, both at home and abroad, ahead of a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine is just the latest big test of his ability to bridge ideological gaps and balance competing interests to build effective coalitions. His record so far as president suggests it’s no sure thing. Biden is trying


Stock investors’ nerves tested by inflation, omicron, Russia

The stock market is losing crucial support from the Federal Reserve. Omicron is causing havoc at businesses around the world. And Russia just might be preparing to invade Ukraine, creating more uncertainty and raising the prospect of even higher oil prices. No wonder investors are freaking out — and selling stocks. The S&P 500 has


US orders 8,500 troops on heightened alert amid Russia worry

The Pentagon ordered 8,500 troops on higher alert Monday to potentially deploy to Europe as part of a NATO “response force” amid growing concern that Russia could soon make a military move on Ukraine. President Joe Biden consulted with key European leaders, underscoring U.S. solidarity with allies there. Putting the U.S.-based troops on heightened alert


Russia moves more troops westward amid Ukraine tensions

Russia is a sending an unspecified number of troops from the country’s far east to Belarus for major war games, officials said Tuesday, a deployment that will further beef up Russian military presence near Ukraine amid Western fears of a planned invasion. Amid the soaring tensions, the White House warned that Russia could attack its

Patrick J. Buchanan

Opinion: Biden Should Declare NATO Membership Closed – Pat Buchanan

In 2014, when Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to a U.S.-backed coup that ousted a pro-Russian regime in Kyiv by occupying Crimea, President Barack Obama did nothing. When Putin aided secessionists in the Donbass in seizing Luhansk and Donetsk, once again, Obama did nothing. Why did we not come to the military assistance of Ukraine?

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