Legal Beat

Attorney General Brnovich Co-Leads Coalition to Protect Veterans’ Rights and Limit the Power of Federal Agencies at the U.S. Supreme Court

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is co-leading a coalition of 15 state attorneys general urging the U.S Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to hear and reverse Buffington v. McDonough to ensure federal agencies have limited power in interpreting laws. After serving on active duty in the United States Air Force for eight years, veteran Thomas H. Buffington was honorably


Trump impeachment goes to Senate, testing his sway over GOP

House Democrats delivered the impeachment case against Donald Trump to the Senate late Monday for the start of his historic trial, but Republican senators were easing off their criticism of the former president and shunning calls to convict him over the deadly siege at the U.S. Capitol. It’s an early sign of Trump’s enduring sway

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