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Group to study more justices, term limits for Supreme Court

President Joe Biden has ordered a study on overhauling the Supreme Court, creating a bipartisan commission Friday that will spend the next six months examining the politically incendiary issues of expanding the court and instituting term limits for justices, among other issues. In launching the review, Biden fulfilled a campaign promise made amid pressure from

Legal Beat

Breyer says big Supreme Court changes could diminish trust

Justice Stephen Breyer on Tuesday said liberal advocates of big changes at the Supreme Court, including expanding the number of justices, should think “long and hard” about what they’re proposing. Politically driven change could diminish the trust Americans place in the court, Breyer said in the prepared text of a long speech he gave remotely

Legal Beat

Supreme Court sides with Facebook in text message dispute

The Supreme Court on Thursday sided with Facebook in a lawsuit over unwanted text notifications it sent, rejecting a claim that the messages violated the federal ban on robocalls. The high court’s ruling for the Menlo Park, California-based social media giant was unanimous. Democratic lawmakers and consumer groups said the court opened a gaping hole

Gun Control

EXPLAINER: How states are seeking to loosen controls on guns

Mass shootings in Georgia and Colorado that left at least 18 people dead since last week are reigniting calls from gun control advocates for tighter restrictions on buying firearms and ammunition. But with Democrats in control of the federal government, gun rights advocates have been persuading Republican-run state legislatures to go the other way, making


Opinion: Depoliticize and Modernize the Supreme Court

Now that Democrats have gained control of the White House and both chambers of Congress, they have every right to attempt to pack the Supreme Court. With the Republicans’ tradition-breaking denial of Obama’s selection of Merrick Garland, the rush to install Amy Coney Barrett before the last election, and former president Trump’s packing of the


Opinion: Protecting a Hard-Won Right

As our country approaches the 63 year anniversary of NAACP v. Alabama–the 1958 Supreme Court case which unanimously blocked the state of Alabama’s egregious attempt to undermine the associational privacy rights enshrined in the First Amendment–we are deeply disappointed by the rushed effort underway in Congress to put such critical protections in its crosshairs. The

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