U.S. Civil War


HOLY COW! HISTORY: The Man Who Conned the Confederacy

“Save your Confederate money, boys, the South shall rise again” is an old Southern saying. And a good many Southerners saved lots of Confederate currency back in the day. Today, 160 years later, some of it is very valuable. But not all of it is genuine. Because a surprisingly large quantity of bills was produced


HOLY COW! HISTORY: Meet Sallie, The Civil War Vet

The soldiers breathed a huge sigh of relief. Sallie was safe and unharmed. Slightly dazed and numb, even traumatized. But who wasn’t traumatized at that moment? After all, they had just come through the bloodiest battle ever fought in the western hemisphere. Sallie wasn’t a combatant. She didn’t carry a gun or wear a uniform.


Holy Cow! 111 Prostitutes; The Original Love Boat

Poor William Rosecrans was having a tough time in 1863. He was a Union general during the Civil War with two pressing problems. First, Abraham Lincoln was riding him hard because he hadn’t driven the Confederate army out of Tennessee. But that was child’s play compared to his other dilemma: What to do with all


Holy Cow! The 14-Year-Old Medal of Honor Recipient

If you ever happen to visit Springfield National Cemetery in southwest Missouri, you will notice something highly unusual inscribed on one stone. It says: “Orion P. Howe, Medal of Honor.” A Medal of Honor recipient in an obscure Ozarks cemetery? It is the resting place of the Drummer Boy Hero. Drummer boys were iconic figures


National Guard sleeping in the Capitol an echo of Civil War

To most Americans, the sight of armed National Guard troops sleeping in the Capitol Rotunda this past week was shocking and disturbing. To me, it was an echo of the far-distant past. “Don’t despond,” Maj. Bowman Bigelow Breed wrote to his anxious wife back home in Massachusetts as his comrades lounged around him on the

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