Trump Endorsed Candidates


Trump rings in 2023 facing headwinds in his White House run – Associated Press

Donald Trump began 2022 on a high. Primary candidates were flocking to Florida to court the former president for a coveted endorsement. His rallies were drawing thousands. A bevy of investigations remained largely under the radar. One year later, Trump is facing a very different reality. He is mired in criminal investigations that could end


Opinion: The Story of the Midterms: The Cult vs. The Cause – Inside Sources

“He who has a ‘why’ to live for can bear almost any ‘how,’” wrote philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, and this midterm election suggests he was on to something. Nietzche’s point was that people are willing to sacrifice material comforts and their personal well-being in service to a cause greater than themselves. One of the most common


Trump faces blame from GOP as he moves forward with WH bid – Associated Press

Republicans intensified their public criticism of former President Donald Trump on Thursday, with some saying it was time for the party to move on after an unexpectedly poor showing in the midterm elections, even as he prepared to launch a third White House bid next week. Virginia’s Republican lieutenant governor, Winsome Earle-Sears, once a vocal

Ben Shapiro

Opinion: The Red Fizzle – Ben Shapiro

There was no red wave. There was no red tide. There was no red trickle. There was a fizzle. The 2022 midterm election fundamentals would have suggested a ringing Republican victory: an unpopular president of the opposing party, deep public unhappiness with the state of the economy, unified Democratic control in Congress and radical social


GOP nudges closer to House win; Senate could hinge on runoff – Associated Press

Photo: Republican U.S. Sen.-elect JD Vance speaks during an election night party Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022, in Columbus, Ohio Republicans inched closer to a narrow House majority Wednesday, while control of the Senate hinged on a few tight races in a midterm election that defied expectations of sweeping conservative victories driven by frustration over inflation

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