Tea Party Groups Train PA Poll Watchers to Promote Ballot Security – Inside Sources

A coalition of conservative groups, led by Tea Party Patriots Action, has trained about 6,000 Americans to be poll workers and poll watchers for the November election. Many of these trained election workers will be in key battleground states such as Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Training election workers hasn’t always been a priority on


Opinion: A Smart Investment in the Future of the Air Force – Inside Sources

As the U.S. shifts focus to near-peer competition with Russia and China, the need for investment in aerial refueling has never been greater. Modern aerial refueling capabilities are critical to the success of the Air Force’s worldwide missions in any conflict. Airplanes that can be refueled in-flight have longer operational reach and more time in

Ukraine Invasion

American spy agencies review their misses on Ukraine, Russia – Associated Press

Photo: Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines testifies during a Senate Armed Services hearing to examine worldwide threats on Capitol Hill in Washington The question was posed in a private briefing to U.S. intelligence officials weeks before Russia launched its invasion in late February: Was Ukraine’s leader, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, made in the mold of Britain’s

Emergency Services

Public Safety Dispatcher Academy Coming to Yavapai College

Emergency dispatchers play a critical role in public safety, acting as the vital first link between citizens in distress and the medical, fire and law enforcement resources that can help them. This summer, Yavapai College will be training the next generation of dispatchers at their first Public Safety Dispatcher Academy, June 6th through 17th at

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