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Opinion: Thanksgiving Lessons

Thursday, if you eat a nice meal, thank the Pilgrims. They made Thanksgiving possible. They left the Old World to escape religious persecution. They imagined a new society where everyone worked together and shared everything. In other words, they dreamed of socialism. Socialism then almost killed them. As I explain in my weekly video, the


Opinions: My Thanksgiving State of Mind: Comebacks Happen – Inside Sources

I recently learned something I hadn’t fully appreciated. Parents of Gen-Z’ers told me their kids don’t want to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday because of our history with Indigenous Americans. History has a long arc, and we have the opportunity along the way to learn and do better. With that in mind, I offer my 2022


Thanksgiving Meal Inflation: Arizona’s World’s Simplest Turkey 9% more expensive to make this year (study)

Research reveals how much each state’s signature Thanksgiving dish has increased in price since 2021. Washington’s ‘Spiced Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies’ have had the biggest price increase. While the previous two COVID-affected Thanksgivings were like no other, it appears families will perhaps have to wait another year before the traditional holiday get-togethers return to some sense of

Gas Prices

Only 32% of Americans to Drive as Thanksgiving Gas Prices Near Most Expensive Ever

Over half of Americans cite high gas prices for tapping the brakes on travel, survey indicates 51% fewer to travel for Thanksgiving compared to 2019 While the economy may be bouncing back, Thanksgiving travel is not. GasBuddy, the leading fuel savings platform providing North American drivers with the most ways to save money on gas, revealed


Americans face new COVID-19 restrictions after Thanksgiving

Americans returning from Thanksgiving break faced strict new coronavirus measures around the country Monday as health officials brace for a disastrous worsening of the nationwide surge because of holiday gatherings over the long weekend. Los Angeles County imposed a stay-at-home order for its 10 million residents, and Santa Clara County, in the heart of Silicon


Empty seats, delivered feasts as virus changes Thanksgiving

Vivian Zayas can’t keep herself from scrolling through photos of last Thanksgiving, when her mother stood at the stove to make a big pot of rice and beans and then took a seat at the edge of the table. That was before anyone had heard of COVID-19 and before it claimed the retired seamstress. Ana

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