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Opinion: The Latest Tax Dodgers? Charities – Inside Sources

Many Americans were recently taking stock of their finances and considering their charitable contributions as tax day 2023 approached. If you’re like most Americans, you want to make a difference in the world and assume that your charitable donations are going to worthy causes. But what if I told you that some of the charities


Some states could tax Biden’s student loan debt relief – Associated Press

Photo: Students walk past Sather Gate on the University of California at Berkeley campus President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan could lift crushing debt burdens from millions of borrowers, but the tax man may demand a cut of the relief in some states. That’s because some states tax forgiven debt as income, which means

Social Security and You

Fault Ourselves — Not Our Politicians

In a recent column, I tried to allay the fears of so many readers who expressed grave concerns about gloom and doom headlines from a few weeks ago that were predicting Social Security’s demise. I told people to chill out. We’ve been down this road many times in the program’s 80-year history. Eventually Congress will

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