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Opinion: Corporate Welfare

Today’s politicians want to spend more on EVERYTHING: Amtrak subsidies, sports stadium subsidies, green energy subsidies, even fossil fuel subsidies … President Joe Biden says the handouts will “put more money in your pocket.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims they will “protect the planet for the children.” They might. But a disproportionate amount of the


Democrats try delicate tax maneuvers for $3.5 trillion bill

House Democrats on Tuesday began the serious work of trying to implement President Joe Biden’s expansive spending plan, but getting there will require remarkable legislative nimbleness, since Biden has said the revenue to pay for it must come only from Americans who earn more than $400,000 a year. Republicans, who have vowed lockstep opposition to


Opinion: How One Biden Tax Proposal Will Hit the Middle Class Hard

President Joe Biden’s forthcoming “Made in America Tax Plan” is designed to pay for his $2 trillion “infrastructure” plan. Details are forthcoming as part of the president’s Fiscal Year 2020 Budget. Last year, candidate Biden promised to repeal the “Trump Tax Cuts” that lowered tax rates for everyone and especially corporations. Biden also promised not to

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