Supply Chain Disruptions


Opinion: How a U.S-EU Green Energy Subsidy War Harms Taxpayers – Inside Sources

The Biden administration hopes to assuage European economic fears over green energy subsidies in the Inflation Reduction Act. The European Union is concerned that the law gives tax credits on certain electric or hybrid vehicles built in North America, excluding those made in the EU. This has the potential to start a green energy subsidies war


Opinion: Re-Shore Rare Earths to Keep America Strong – Inside Sources

A country incapable of providing for itself isn’t much of a great power. To ensure America stays strong for generations to come, we need to bring production of goods essential to our national security back home. That starts with re-shoring rare earth manufacturing. For some, “industrial policy” is a dirty term associated with planned economies.


Opinion: Deglobalization, an Idea Whose Time Has Come – Inside Sources

For the last two decades, America’s political and economic elite have talked eagerly of “globalization.” But now the tide has turned. Suddenly, everybody is talking about “deglobalization.” Deglobalization means focusing on making things here at home in America. It means reducing our dependence on hostile powers such as China for strategic goods. It means not

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