Summit of the Americas


Biden announces regional migration initiative at Summit of the Americas – Cronkite News

President Joe Biden previewed a new migration initiative during the opening of the Ninth Summit of the Americas, calling it a mutual commitment to orderly migration throughout the Western Hemisphere. The Los Angeles Declaration on Migration is an “integrated approach to manage migration,” Biden said, noting the initiative creates shared responsibility for handling the migration crisis

Summit of the Americas

Biden seeks unity, finds discord at Summit of the Americas – Associated Press

Photo: Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with President Joe Biden at the Summit of the Americas, in Los Angeles President Joe Biden tried to present a unifying vision for the Western Hemisphere on Thursday but the Summit of the Americas quickly spilled into open discord, a telling illustration of the difficulties of bringing together


Migrant caravan on the move in southern Mexico – Associated Press

Several thousand migrants walked on through southern Mexico on Tuesday, covering ground while authorities showed no signs yet of trying to stop them. The largest migrant caravan of the year provided a live illustration to regional leaders meeting in Los Angeles this week at the Summit of the Americas of the challenges governments face in

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