Opinion: Students Are Back in School With Less to Read – Inside Sources

For teachers and librarians, returning to school means getting students back to stories. Stories matter, and they make a difference in our lives. Often, the jarring stories are most magnetic and make lifelong readers. An angry little boy sent to his room for punishment finds it transformed into a jungle with monsters (and feelings) he


Rare Houseplants Attract New #PlantParents – Watters Garden Center

Prescott, Arizona has experienced a garden renaissance of new gardeners hungry for local content and an ever-diverse choice of plant options. #Plantparents of the rarest houseplants lead this new generation of gardeners. “We find the best introductory plants to gardening are houseplants. First-time home buyers, college students, and apartment dwellers are leading the way,” says

Michelle Malkin

Opinion: Beware of Big Bathroom Brother – Michelle Malkin

Nine years ago, I warned readers about “eyelock biometric readers” adopted by Florida schools to track them on buses. Under the guise of fighting guns and vaping, countless schools this year are now installing surveillance sensors in bathrooms that can spy and record students’ alleged “aggression” and red-flag “spoken key words.” Eight years ago, I


Inflation Impacts in the Grand Canyon State – OH Predictive Insights

Rising Inflation is Costing a Majority of Arizonans at Least $200 Monthly A new survey commissioned by September Group, LLC and conducted by OH Predictive Insights measured the impact of inflation on the monthly budgets of Arizonans. According to the latest Arizona Public Opinion Pulse (AZPOP) Survey, 63% of Arizonans have seen a monthly spending increase of $200. This


Opinion: Education Choice is Benefiting Rural Arizona – Dr. Matthew Ladner

Since 1994, Arizona’s public charter schools have allowed educators to create their own vision of K-12 education and families all across the state – including in rural communities – the opportunity to choose the education that best meets their needs. According to the 2020 U.S. Census, out of Arizona’s total population of over 7 million

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