Sharlot Hall Museum

Museum Gathers Junior Bonner Stories for Archival Collection at Nov. 12 Event – Sharlot Hall Museum

Photo: Robert Preston and Steve McQueen film a scene for Junior Bonner in Prescott (courtesy Sharlot Hall Museum Research Center) On Saturday, November 12, the Sharlot Hall Museum will host “Moments with Junior Bonner”, a story-gathering event focused on collecting and recording community stories about the Prescott-set Steve McQueen film Junior Bonner. Mini-interviews will be recorded


Opinion: Students Are Back in School With Less to Read – Inside Sources

For teachers and librarians, returning to school means getting students back to stories. Stories matter, and they make a difference in our lives. Often, the jarring stories are most magnetic and make lifelong readers. An angry little boy sent to his room for punishment finds it transformed into a jungle with monsters (and feelings) he

Arts & Culture

“Journeys in Spirit” Exhibit Showcases Traditional and Contemporary Native Art

“Ancient Keep” Maryhelen Ewing From May 19 through June 21, 2022, the ‘Tis Art Center and Gallery in historic downtown Prescott will present “Journeys in Spirit 2022”: Traditional and Contemporary Native Art. Produced in partnership with the Museum of Indigenous People, with additional support from the City of Prescott and the Prescott Area Arts and


Harvey Skoog, RIP

The passing last week of former  Prescott Valley Mayor Harvey Skoog marks the loss not just of a prominent local political figure but one of Yavapai County’s genuine visionaries.  It would be hard to overstate Harvey Skoog’s role in the remarkable development of Prescott Valley from a small, rural community in the shadow of Prescott, to what

Arts & Culture

“Art On & Off the Walls” Guide Tracks the Hidden Masterpieces of Prescott

From the stately lawns of Courthouse Plaza to the winding sidewalks of YC’s Marcusen Sculpture Garden to the menagerie of lions, horses, heroes, dragons and eagles residing in galleries, office parks and alley murals all over town, Prescott has inspired a bounty of art. Each piece has its own story: the inspiration, the creation, the

Arizona Today with Lyle Rapacki

Arizona Today: Interview with Patrick Henry, one of our Founding Fathers – Part 1

In this edition of Arizona Today, Dr. Lyle interviews Patrick Henry, one of the United State’s Founding Fathers. Patrick Henry was an American attorney, planter, politician, and orator best known for his declaration to the Second Virginia Convention (1775): “Give me liberty, or give me death!” A Founding Father, he served as the first and sixth post-colonial Governor of Virginia, from

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