Russian space chief: Sanctions could imperil space station

Photo: In this image taken from video footage released by the Roscosmos Space Agency, the Soyuz MS-21 space ship, right, approaches the International Space Station, ISS, during docking to the station, Friday, March 18, 2022 The head of Russia’s space program said Saturday that the future of the International Space Station hangs in the balance


NASA is returning to Venus to learn how it became a hot poisonous wasteland – and whether the planet was ever habitable in the past

Two new NASA missions hope to answer important questions about Venus’ past. NASA/JPL/USGS Paul K. Byrne, North Carolina State University NASA is finally headed back to Venus. On June 2, 2021, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson announced that the agency had selected two winners of its latest Discovery class spacecraft mission competition, and both are headed


NASA spacecraft begins 2-year trip home with asteroid rubble

With rubble from an asteroid tucked inside, a NASA spacecraft fired its engines and began the long journey back to Earth on Monday, leaving the ancient space rock in its rearview mirror. The trip home for the robotic prospector, Osiris-Rex, will take two years. Osiris-Rex reached asteroid Bennu in 2018 and spent two years flying