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Opinion: Older Women Will Decide Who Wins the Midterms – Inside Sources

Americans have a choice this fall between giving President Biden and Democrats in Washington two more years to accomplish their agenda or handing control of Congress over to Republicans. With skyrocketing inflation, healthcare costs and prescription drug prices, most experts expect voters to decide at the ballot box with the economy in mind. However, while

Social Security and You

Why Privatizing Social Security Can’t Work – Social Security

About a month or so ago, I wrote a column in which I just briefly mentioned that any plans to privatize Social Security would never work, and I said I had covered that topic in prior columns. Well, several readers told me they didn’t remember those older columns (the latest was about 4 years ago)

Family Maximum Doesn’t Apply to Couples – Social Security and You

I frequently get questions from soon-to-be retirees who have heard about a “family maximum” that applies to Social Security benefits, and they are afraid that rule will reduce the benefits they are due as a couple. So, here is the message of this column: The family maximum rules do not apply to a husband and

Social Security and You

Another Misleading Headline – Social Security and You

I don’t know how you folks get by without being scared out of your wits by misleading Social Security stories you read in newspapers or see online. Because I know the subject so well and because I can decipher the confusing and sometimes scary Social Security-related muck that’s out there, it doesn’t bother me. But


Opinion: The Way Out of the Social Security Mess – Inside Sources

Social Security will become insolvent within the next 15. Politicians say that’s incorrect because Social Security will be able to continue to pay out a “substantial portion” of benefits. In the real world, “solvent” means that you can pay all, not merely a part, of what you promised to pay. Extending Social Security’s life will kick the problem on

Social Security and You

More Mailbag Questions – Social Security and You

Last week, instead of writing a column centered around just one Social Security topic, I decided to just reach into my electronic mailbag (my email inbox) and answer whatever questions I pulled out of there. But I ran out of column space before I ran out of questions. So today, more random Social Security questions

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