social Security benefits

Social Security and You

Protective Filing Dates

This is going to be a column about a special procedure that the Social Security Administration routinely uses that is intended to help people by protecting their rights to possible benefits. It’s called a “protective filing date.” In a nutshell, if you contact the SSA and tell them you intend to file for some kind

Social Security and You

Repeat After Me: ‘SSI Is Not Social Security’ – Tom Margenau

If I had a million dollars, I’d buy commercial time at the upcoming Super Bowl and run an ad that says, in big bold letters, “SSI is not Social Security.” I have written dozens of past columns about this topic. But I’ve just got to do so again. It seems to me that just about

Social Security and You

How a Social Security Benefit Is Figured — For Beginners and for Experts

There are some columns I could repeat over and over again — because I’m asked the same questions over and over again. One of the most common questions I’m asked is this: “How is my Social Security benefit figured?” I’ve answered this question many times in past columns, and I’m going to do it again

Social Security and You

Should a Housewife Get Social Security Credits?

People frequently write to me with an idea to change Social Security law in some way that they think is clever and unique. But I usually must tell them that their proposal has been considered in the past. After all, Social Security has been around for 80 years now, and for all of those eight

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