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Social Security and You

Why Should You Believe Me? – Social Security and You

I frequently hear from readers who tell me about Social Security-related advice they got from a friend or relative, or from a Social Security Administration representative. They are writing to ask me if the information they received is correct. Sometimes it is. But many times, it’s not. Actually, let me clarify that. Social Security information


HOLY COW HISTORY: Hilda, History’s Original Identity Theft Victim

When the envelope arrived in the mail one day in the 1930s and she pulled out the paper card and read “078-05-1120” for the very first time, they must have looked like a bunch of random numbers strung together. How could she have known they were a headache that would hound her to her grave?

Social Security and You

Where to Go for Social Security Help

My wife has a little plaque hanging on the wall of her art studio. She’s a fiber artist who makes quilted landscapes and something called “temari,” which are decorative Japanese thread balls. She sells her wares in a local art gallery. If you want to see her work, just go to Anyway, that plaque,

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