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Michael Barone

Opinion: Orwell and Monroe Got It Right – Michael Barone

George Orwell, call your office. That’s my initial and slightly out-of-date response to news stories about the Biden administration’s efforts to stamp out “misinformation.” It’s an interesting irony that covert censorship should be undertaken enthusiastically by those who call themselves “liberal” or “progressive” and who claim the opposition would threaten the survival of liberal democracy.


Opinion: TikTok, Bin Laden, and Free Speech – Gregory Hood

[Disclaimer: The views expressed in opinion pieces on the PrescotteNews website are solely those of the authors. These opinions do not necessarily represent those of the staff of Prescott eNews or its publisher.] Osama bin Laden’s “Letter to America” — especially a version published at The Guardian since 2002 — recently became wildly popular on TikTok. According to

Buz Blog

Confession of a MAGA Conservative – Buz Blog

There are a lot of people, many having a history of conservative voting and views, who claim that they are either reluctant or never will vote for Donald Trump. Many of these people don’t like what Trump says or puts out on social media. Anyone who votes on the basis of what any politician states,

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