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“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” ― George Carlin Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has stated that Florida is where “woke” goes to die. Its death cannot come too soon for those with a functioning brain. Just about every woke idea, activity or subject is in opposition to reason. At best, some

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Opinion: Looking Down on the Masses

There has always been those who think they are better than “the masses” of people. Throughout history, they have gone by many names: royalty, aristocrats, and more recently elitists. Members of these exclusive groups are the antithesis of what our Constitutional Republic was meant to be. They consider themselves to be our superiors, so, of

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Opinion: Equality versus Equity

In their attempt to erase Western civilization, the radical left has been moderately successful in socially engineering a brave new world in their warped view of the way things ought to be. They are already hijacking our language and changing their own slogans. No longer do we have to worry about global warming, now the

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