State officials confident they can meet Biden’s May 1 vaccine deadline

Arizona health officials said the state is already on track to meet President Joe Biden’s challenge of allowing all adults to register for COVID-19 vaccinations by May 1. The directive came Thursday night, the anniversary of the declaration of a COVID-19 pandemic, during Biden’s first nationally televised address as president. He mourned the loss of

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Why Cops Fire So Many Shots

A friend of mine asked me the following honest questions: “Why does it take 9 to 18 shots into a person to ‘put them down’?  And sometimes in the back when showing no resistance?” This was the answer I gave him.  Cops are taught to shoot until the threat has ended.  If a suspect still

Legal Beat

Shots Fired Lead To Two Arrests

On Sunday, August 2, 2020 at approximately 8:00PM, Prescott Valley Police Officers were on patrol in the area of State Route 69 and Navajo Drive when they heard what sounded like shots fired in the area. A search of the area did not reveal anything suspicious at the time. At approximately 10:00PM, the Prescott Valley

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