Yavapai County

Yavapai College welcomes new Associate Dean of Science, Math and Adult Basic Education

Cloning saguaro cactuses with eighth graders, earning a Ph.D. in zoology, teaching genetics, authoring science books and developing a patent for an antibody kit are just some of the highlights of Dr. William Perry Baker’s distinguished career rooted in community college. Baker is making a triumphant return to his roots as the new Associate Dean

Rich Lowry

Opinion: No, you can’t believe ‘the science’ – Rich Lowry

Copernicus surely had no idea when he got the Scientific Revolution underway in the 16th century that an unintended effect would be empowering agenda-driven bullies and fanatics. Of course, science is a pillar of modern life for which we should be deeply grateful. It has given us longer and healthier lives, incredible material abundance, and

John Stossel

Opinion: The Science of Happiness – John Stossel

Are you happy? Many people say they feel happier during the holidays. But I’m not happy. Democrats and Republicans keep voting for bigger government. Few people accept the idea that government that governs least — governs best. It makes me sad. I once did an ABC special on “The Mystery of Happiness.” We interviewed the

Buz Blog

Opinion: Deniers – Buz Williams

Image courtesy of DepositPhotos If you disagree with the climate computer models that predict the end of the world in five, ten or twenty years, they will dub you a “climate denier”. It doesn’t matter that you have researched and determined that all of the other foretellings of catastrophic, world ending predictions in the last


Welcome to the space cam! – Northern Arizona University

Covered in “bunny suits” from head to toe, 27 Northern Arizona University students have been hard at work in a cleanroom designing, fabricating and testing a new dual wavelength camera system. The hardware could one day be part of a new generation of small interplanetary NASA missions such as the upcoming Escape and Plasma Acceleration

Chino Valley Public Library

Chino Valley Library – STEAM Workshop, October 14th

Come explore lots of fun science/tech/engineering/art/math kits, just for kids and teens! October 14, 2022 from 3 – 5 pm, in the Chino Valley Library Community Room. The address is: 1020 Palomino Rd, Chino Valley, AZ 86323. This is a free event.