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Canada says pope’s apology to Indigenous not enough – Associated Press

Photo: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greets Pope Francis at the Citadelle de Quebec The Canadian government made clear Wednesday that Pope Francis’ apology to Indigenous peoples for abuses in the country’s church-run residential schools didn’t go far enough, suggesting that reconciliation over the fraught history is still very much a work in progress. The


Headcounts are down at public schools. Now budgets are too

A school system in suburban Kansas City is eliminating over 100 jobs, including kindergarten aides and library clerks. Oakland, California, is closing seven schools. Other districts around the country are merging classrooms, selling buildings and leaving teaching positions unfilled in order to close budget gaps. Public school systems are beginning to feel the pinch from


CDC Admits it Overcounted Child COVID-19 Deaths – OOPS! – Rep. Paul Gosar

You may remember last month I shared a story on how the Center for Disease Control (CDC) withheld valuable data on hospitalizations due to COVID-19 in the United States broken down by age, race, and vaccination status, a failure that critics say worsened the pandemic response. Well, the deception continues.  But I am not surprised,


Taliban hard-liners turning back the clock in Afghanistan

Photo: Education Ministry spokesman Mawlvi Aziz Ahmad Rayan speaks during an interview in Kabul, Afghanistan Taliban hard-liners are turning back the clock in Afghanistan with a flurry of repressive edicts over the past days that hark to their harsh rule from the late 1990s. Girls have been banned from going to school beyond the sixth


Governor Ducey Announces Additional Steps To Keep Students In The Classroom

Governor Doug Ducey Friday announced work to ensure schools remain open and in-person learning continues, including, launching the Open for Learning Recovery Benefit portal for parents of kids whose schools or classrooms have temporarily shifted to full remote learning and working closely with the Arizona State Board of Education to get much-needed substitute teachers in the

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