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Climate Change

NAU’s Kaufman lead author on IPCC global climate change report

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change (IPCC) has just released its latest major assessment report on global climate change, approved by the world’s governments. Climate Change 2021: Physical Science Basis is the Working Group I contribution to the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report (AR6). The Working Group comprises more than 200 scientists from 66 countries who assessed


NAU geochemist on new study confirming cause of greatest mass extinction event

The most severe mass extinction event in the past 540 million years eliminated more than 90 percent of Earth’s marine species and 75 percent of terrestrial species. Although scientists had previously hypothesized that the end-Permian mass extinction, which took place 251 million years ago, was triggered by voluminous volcanic eruptions in a region of what

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